Our more than 20,000 alumni have a wealth of knowledge to share with current students to send them down a similar path of success. That’s why we facilitate volunteer mentorship opportunities to connect our successful alumni of today with our successful alumni of the future.

ECS Connections

ECS Connections cohesively joins our alumni mentor program with our job shadow program, and expands them into a collaborative network.

Program details:

  • A full opt-in directory of alumni and students looking to connect with members of the ECS community around the world.
  • The opportunity to offer mentorship to fellow alumni and students.
  • Group conversations allowing you to engage closely with people who share the same interests and industry or are in proximity to you.
  • A running feed of alumni updates, content, photos, and conversations.
  • Support students with job shadowing, internship opportunities, resume critiques, mock interviews, networking contacts, and more.

We invite you to join ECS Connections by registering with your email or LinkedIn account (preferred) here: www.ecsconnections.com