Where You Can Study

Syracuse University Centers

FLORENCE (SPRING ONLY, Sophomore year)
The SU Florence Center is now home to the essential spring semester courses for second-year students in aerospace, chemical, civil, environmental, and mechanical engineering. Enjoy a semester abroad without falling behind on your track to graduate!

You’ll live in Florence, a city that lives fully in both its past and its present – walking down narrow Roman streets, you will gain a sense of the layering of centuries that characterizes the city. You’ll live with an Italian host family and have access to all of the activities and field trips arranged by the staff at the SU Florence Center.

LONDON (FALL ONLY, Junior year)
Third year students in Computer Science can enroll at the SU London Center in the fall semester to take two major-specific courses in addition to two social science/humanities electives.

London’s cultural, social, and ethnic diversity is unlike anywhere else on earth. Whether you’re a budding designer, architect, actor, or simply a student of the world, your semester here will be one of the most enriching academic and personal experiences you can undertake. Your immersion into London life comes from living in your own flat, where you will soon discover that you are part of the city’s huge assortment of smaller towns, each with its own distinct character. The Syracuse London center is in Bloomsbury, the heart of academic London, and the staff and faculty of Faraday House are ready to help you make your time abroad the experience of a lifetime. To get a feel for what life is like on campus, check out the Syracuse London website.

Beginning in Fall 2018, first-year engineering and computer science students can enroll at the SU Madrid Center for the Discovery Madrid. Students participating in the Discovery Madrid program will enjoy a rich and varied introduction to Spain through a challenging semester-long curriculum. The program fulfills the same curricular requirements as those pursued by freshmen studying on the University’s main campus, while providing a course schedule unique to the Madrid experience. The Madrid staff helps to facilitate your immersion into the Madrid community through service learning, cross-cultural workshops, and extracurricular activities.

You’ll begin with one of several distinct Signature Seminars, which are aimed at providing the best introduction to Spain and Europe. During that time, you’ll also meet fellow classmates and SU staff and faculty. Your homestay family will introduce you to the language and customs of Spain at home, plus our cultural activities and service learning programs will further immerse you in your new surroundings.

Note: This location only offers social science and humanities electives. No math, science or engineering courses are offered.

This option is for students ready to enroll in university classes in Spanish. A Spanish language exam is given upon arrival, which will determine whether or not you should continue language study. In addition to taking classes in Spanish at local Chilean universities, you’ll enroll in the required Signature Seminar, Contemporary Issues in Latin America. (Minimum 2 years of college-level Spanish needed)

STRASBOURG (FALL ONLY, Sophomore year and Summer – Engineering Research Projects)
Beginning in Fall 2016, second-year engineering students in aerospace, bioengineering, civil, electrical, environmental, and mechanical engineering can enroll at the SU Strasbourg Center in the fall semester to take all of their major-specific courses.

During your semester abroad, you’ll live in Strasbourg, a bustling and vibrant city on the border of France and Germany. You’ll begin your semester with a traveling seminar throughout the region, and you’ll have access to all of the activities and field trips arranged by the staff at the SU Strasbourg Center.

During the summer the College has approved a series of independent study research projects to be conducted at the Institut National des Sciences Appliques in Strasbourg. Research projects are arranged in the major branches of engineering: aerospace, civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, bioengineering, and computer science.

As an engineering intern in Strasbourg, you’ll be placed on a team of doctoral students and faculty. You’ll work as an integral part of this team on a University project and in University laboratories and research centers. Interested students may request specific information regarding projects for credit pre-approval. Since the projects are ongoing, the nature of work may vary at the time of arrival.

World Partner Programs

University College Dublin’s Belfied campus is a vibrant, modern university situated on a spacious and leafy campus about a 20 minute bus ride from Dublin city centre. It is one of the 30 top research universities in the European Union with a student population of 22,000 (2,000 international students). Syracuse students choose from the same range of courses as full degree students and are taught and examined in the same manner.

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is a public university of 40,000 students, of which 8,800 are international. The campus is located in Kensington, an inner suburb of Sydney, 20 minutes from the city center and within walking distance of Coogee Beach. UNSW is Australia’s leading international university with a comprehensive range of liberal arts, management and commerce (business) programs as well as extensive science, technology and engineering-based courses.